Interactive e-book

Create your interactive e-book​ in just 3 clicks!

Transform your PDF into an interactive e-book

Our PublishPaper software brings your printed documents to life by helping you to create interactive e books. Easy to use and ergonomic, PublishPaper allows you to customize your interactive e book by adding your logo, videos, hypertext links, and the possibility to send mails.

Whether on a mobile tablet, a PC, or a Mac, your interactive e book can be read on all supports. 
You can also burn your interactive e book on a CD Rom or a USB for more mobility.

Make your publications more appealing

The interactive e book can be customized according to your needs. Thanks to our software, you will have a polished layout, giving your interactive e book the best reading experience possible.

Simple yet powerful, create your own interactive e book with PublishPaper, or let our dedicated team do it for you.