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Need to self-host your publications ? Try our business license

No time to design a flip book ?  Let us create it for you

What is a 7 day free trial ?

The free trial lets you test all the features available under our Gold offer, but you are limited to 5 publications. Each publication will be blocked within 7 days of it's creation date

I loved the Free Trial! How can I unblock my publications?

To unblock your publications, you need to subscibe to one of our offers: Silver or Gold. We accept PayPal payments and you can choose to pay annually, semiannually and quaterly. 

Do you offer dicounts ?

Yes! We offer discounts for annual, semiannual and quaterly payments. For example, we offer a -10% dicount for annual payments.

I'm currently a Gold user and I want to switch to Silver. When will the downgrade be activated ?

The downgrades are activated immediatly, however your publication created with a Gold plan will be deleted.

I am a Gold/Silver user and I want to switch to Free trial, how does that work? 

When you switch back to a Free Trial account you will lose all the publications you have previously created.

With a Free Trial account you can create no more than 5 publications and each publication is blocked after 7 days.

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Can I switch to a different plan?

You can change your plan any time you like

I really liked creating with PublishPaper, but I want to host my publications on my own website. What can do ?

If you wish to host your publications on your own servers, we offer two types of customized solutions: Business License and Full service.  

I do not want users to share my publication either on social media or via email. Can Publishpaper help me prevent that?

PublishPaper gives you full control over social sharing options: you can turn them on/off at will by editing the interface of your publication. 

Do you offer an Enterprise solution?

Yes, we do, it's called PublishPaper business license, it has been designed to meet the needs of large corporations. Please learn more here